What is a consulting attorney?

As a consulting attorney, I work almost exclusively for other lawyers on an as-needed basis. I am an extra set of eyes or hands for lawyers who need extra capacity or targeted expertise.

I accept private clients on a limited basis—usually businesses that need someone to handle transactions or function as outside general counsel.

I spent more than a decade representing businesses and municipal agencies at a Nashville-based firm. This means that I am equally prepared to draft motions, handle an acquisition, or cover an entire practice so that an attorney can take parental leave.

Because I have an extensive background in appellate litigation, I also consult on research, drafting, and oral argument strategy for appeals in almost all practice areas.

Here are some of the industries I provide legal work for:

  • technology and SaaS-based companies

  • real estate firms

  • healthcare and related industries

  • print and digital media

  • restaurant/hospitality businesses

  • municipal agencies

  • non-profits

  • educational institutions

  • banks

Candi Henry

Candi Henry

My LinkedIn profile will give you a good overview of my skill set and hit the highlights on publications, speaking engagements, and honors. But there’s no substitute for conversation. If you think I might be able to help you, give me call.

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